Personalised Father's Day Family Heart Block




Meet the Personalised Father's Day Family Heart Block. Crafted. Cherished. Customized. It's more than just a gift; it's an emblem of pure emotion, screaming "Happy Father's Day" from its very core.

Every dad? He has a story. A story stitched together with endless memories of his children. Dive into our heart block's design, and you're diving into that tale. Picture it: a thick, clear acrylic heart, hefty at 20mm, sprawling to dimensions of 195 x 185mm. The heart isn't just a shape, it's an experience, promising to draw eyes and command attention. Why? Because it's dazzlingly different.

Central to this artwork? A hand fist, UV printed with precision. It's not just any hand, though. This is the emblem of a dad's protective embrace, a symbol of enduring might. Yet, it's the details that dance around it, these smaller fists, that truly paint a portrait. Each fist, each delicate curve and line, whispers the name of a child, etching their identity into the narrative.

Now, imagine you, seeking that elusive perfect gift. Maybe you're the partner, caught up in the search. Or perhaps you're the child, yearning to wrap your gratitude in a package. Here's our proposition: The Personalised Father's Day Family Heart Block. Words might fail you, but this? Never. Choose this artifact of affection, encased in transparent acrylic elegance, and gift dad a keepsake that he can hold onto... well, forever.

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